Friday, November 14, 2014

My daughter and I had a tradition called Game Day Quotes which we started her freshman year in high school. My coaching days are long over and so this became our connection carrying over to other areas like tests and presentations. I am a big fan of inspirational speeches and quotes, since my own days as an athlete. I have used them all from Winston Churchill to Michael Jordon, Vince Lombardi to John Kennedy throwing in the occasional unknown. Surprisingly, it seems the roles have switched. Reed sent this to me as I started this blog while on the island. 

“The bold adventurer succeeds the best.”

- Ovid

It got me thinking over the last couple days. When I look up at the night sky about Little Cayman the stars are too numerous to count. As I was kayaking across the South Hole Sound, I turned around and saw how small the resort had become. This world is far beyond measures, so the question remains what does it take to be a bold adventurer today?

Is it getting on a plane and leaving the comforts of a home and family to live somewhere new for three months? Or, is it leaving for college and trying to decide on the direction of your future? Or maybe it is simpler like a new job, new relationship, or new purpose. 

Well I have decided that it is time to find my adventure, and in reality that might be a combination of things. When I was younger, dreaming was endless; there were no such thing as boundaries. My mother instilled this trait in me growing up. She is a woman who has always believed in me without reservations and regardless of my failures. I think I lost this somewhere along the way, but I am determined to get it back. Many men have fallen short of expectations but have moved past it to greatness. So why not me? Can I be BOLD? I look to be a bold adventurer as I look for a new profession, new ingenuity, and new purpose. 

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